Uploading rules

Make sure you understand the following before you submit your mods

-Your description must be descriptive in English.
-Single line descriptions such as “This is my new Seeder” will not be accepted.

-You have to upload a clear in-game picture.
-You can have title etc. on the picture, but the picture must show the mod clearly.

– Always credit the correct author/authors of the mod.
– If it not is your mod, make sure you can prove permission for uploading the mod.
– Always accept the copyright.
– Do not put “This is not my mod” in the credits.

-Too much advertising being censored.
-Make sure the file has not already been uploaded.
-Please try to ensure that the mod is as error free as possible.
-Please ensure you have selected the correct E-mail address – It’s the only way we can contact you, with information about your upload.

All uploads are checked by us separately. Make sure your upload is within the rules, so you don’t end up with wasted your and our time. All uploads which breaks the rules will be deleted.

Once you have read the rules and information, you can continue your upload.

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