ZG Team


ZG Team is a group of Landwirtschafts Simulator fans who made step forward and instead of just playing the game, we started to digg in to its core.
We are modders on their beginning of the way. Whole our worki is dedictated to players, to enjoy game as much as possible.
First mod from ZG Team was map mod, called WTS (Wellcome to Slovenia) released for Landwirtschafts Simulator 2008). This was our early beginning and because of a lot of interest of players in Slovenia and no webpage yet to be online, we decided to start new LS portal, originaly made for Slovenian players only. After some relocations of our site, we settled on www.LS-SLO.si
Now, with LS13 released, our team is on the new path to be successful modding team and with goal of bringing players some quality play time.
ZG Team was composed by many modders, who joined and left, but now we are three members. kirezagar, lukc and gromc.
All our mods can be found on www.LS-MaxMods.com and www.LS-SLO.si

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