Hesston Bigballe Pack

Hesston bigballe pack“Uploaded by Admin
Permission by Bindesboel”


This is a bale pack with everything you need to press the straw bales, and get them in dry weather.
There is both straw bale presses, frontbox with string, Quicke bale fork and Bale Wagon.

So now you can get the straw safely in house.


Hesston 4800 Baler
Exterior doors can be opened
RopeBreakdown script
Bale counts
Daily operating costs: 115, –
Price: 34500, –

Daily operating costs: 2 –
Price: 1500, –

Quicke bale fork
– Washable
– Attacher for up to 2 Big bales
– Daily operating costs: 2 –
-Price: 3500, –

Bale Wagon
– Washable
– extendable rear
– BeleuchtungV3
– Daily operating costs: 95, –
– Price: 25000, –

This mod may not be published on other websites without permission!
Dieser Mod darf nicht auf anderen Websites ohne Erlaubnis veröffentlicht werden!
LS-MaxMods have permission by Bindesboel (lsmods.dk)


Hesston 4800
Models & textures: Jdfan
Ingame-Scripts-NHBaler: Bayn
Reskin: Bindesboel
LS2013: Bindesboel
Edits: Bindebsoel

Reskin: Bindebsoel
LS2013: Bindesboel

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